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"WOW! What an experience. It's not only a fantastic body massage but an amazing mind experience" Julie, Central Coast, Lomi Lomi Client

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"Participants spoke exceptionally highly of Julia, her depth of experience, credibility and relentless energy" GM, Workshop Participant

Julia’s Story

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Whilst a senior organisational leader I re-trained as a Counsellor and Coach and discovered for myself the "gold" in exploring my own speedhumps and mindtraps. Later in Practice, I realised that whilst people may work through trials and trauma at a mind level, the residual effects often stayed held within the physical body.

My quest to learn how to help people release physical effects led me to reconnect with my Polynesian ancestry and the art of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. When I began massaging my clients in this way it helped to discharge the residual effects of life stories held in the body and restore health, wellness and mana on every level.

Wanting to go even further, I was eventually accepted as a Haumana - life long student of Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Kalaini Kamani Aki, the 50th Generation of Teachers (Kumus) from Molokai Hawaii.

Today I continue my studies weekly with Kumu Lawrence in order to carry these deeply spiritual practices, teachings and understanding of the Universe forward. I am the only Specialist Therapist in Sydney who is able to offer sessions and healings in this way...

Na Kumu (Teachers):

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage: Dawn Charlton

Traditional Ho'oponopono: Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster (the 51st Generation from our Lineage)

Spirituality, Cultural Teachings, Healing and everything else that supports the practices of Lomi Lomi, Ho'oponopono and Healing: Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki 

Qualifications and Accreditations:

  • Grad. Dip. Business, Dip. Holistic Counselling and Life Care, Dip. Eco-Psychology, L4 Certificate in Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, L2 Certificate in Ho'oponopono, CIV in Workplace Training & Assessment, CIV in Remedial Massage
  • Nationally Accredited: Counsellor and Coach, Alternative Dispute Mediator, Energetic Healer, Massage Therapist

From Julia: "True Nature offers you alternative ways to build the life you want and to become the person you aspire to be. I have created True Nature which reflects my professional skills, life passions and personal values, to help you be at your best in life and at work. These practices helped me change my life and they will help you too...


Mark’s Story

Hi, I’m Mark Hales, a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with 10+ years’ experience working in respected residential mental health and addictions treatment centres as well as Counselling for Lifeline.

But I haven’t always been a counsellor, I’ve worked in a variety of industries, run my own businesses and like many people, I decided to re-imagine my life.

So just short of mid-life, I retrained as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist because I wanted to help people in the same way I had been helped. Counselling really helped me go from a narrow view of life to an expanded world view. I felt less alone and more connected to everything and everybody. Today I enjoy life more, I feel happier, I’m content.

That’s why I want to use my training and life experience to help ease your pain, facilitate the changes you want and ultimately help you get the life you deserve.

Qualifications and Accreditations:

  • Adv. Dip. Gestalt Therapy
  • Dip. Holistic Counselling and Life Care
  • CIV Counselling and Communication
  • Member: PACFA & GANZ  - the peak body for Gestalt therapists

From Mark: "Now in Private Practice, I've chosen to focus my energy on a set of specific life experiences and situations as I know change in these areas can make a world of difference. And that's the key message I want my clients to know - that change is possible and change can happen at any stage of life. Sure, it takes time, a bit of commitment and sometimes learning how to be more resilient, but when you can identify what is really important to you, you will remain focused in pursuing it.

I can help you overcome your issues and make your world a happier place to be. I changed my life for the better and that means you can too..."

Let the passion of your spirit guide you and walk gently upon the earth...